McPicks: Roots and Picks for WWE PAYBACK


Guys, I’m excited. Wanna know why? I’m going to see Payback live tonight (with my girl, who will be wearing an Austin Aries shirt), in my Enzo & Cass “How You Doin” shirt. I’ll be rooting my lungs off for Sami Zayn, Enzo & Cass, AJ Styles, and many more. Now lets get to the picks.

No. Matches Stipulations

Predicting: Kalisto. Since Ryback’s comments to the media about wanting a bigger spot in WWE, he hasn’t had much time on RAW and is once again competing on the pre-show.

Rooting For: Split.


I like Kalisto a lot, and he’s from Chicago. However, if Ryback loses to Kalisto AGAIN, it diminishes the value of a heel with a high ceiling, an asset WWE is short on at the moment with a babyface WWE Champion. Ryback isn’t a ring technician but he has impressive power and size, and is extremely passionate.


Kalisto (c) vs. Ryback Singles match for the WWE United States Championship[17]

Predicting: Cesaro

Rooting For: Cesaro

Why: The fans have organically flocked to him. He’s an ELITE athlete, and seems like a likable guy.

The Miz (c) (with Maryse) vs. Cesaro Singles match for the WWE Intercontinental Championship[18]

Predicting: Baron Corbin

Rooting For: Dolph Ziggler

Why: Do you watch NXT? Have you seen “Breaking Ground” on the WWE Network? Then you know why it’s so easy to dislike and root against Baron Corbin. Plus, I’ve been a Ziggler guy for years.

Dolph Ziggler vs. Baron Corbin Singles match[19]

Predicting: Sami Zayn

Rooting For: Sami Zayn

Why: How can you not like Sami Zayn? Sami came up on the short end of their feud in NXT, and deserves to get his receipt live on the WWE Network in front of a hot Chicago crowd that loves them some Zayn. LET’S GO!

Sami Zayn vs. Kevin Owens Singles match[20]

Predicting: Ambrose

Rooting For: Ambrose

Why: Ambrose could be THE guy for WWE someday, and he’s 30 years old. Jericho has some steam after beating the #1 Contender to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship at Wrestlemania, and can transfer that momentum to Ambrose before he leaves to tour with Fozzy again.

Dean Ambrose vs. Chris Jericho Singles match[21]

Predicting: The Vaudevillains. I foresee The Dudley Boyz interfering and costing Enzo & Cass the titles.

Rooting For: Enzo & Cass.

Why: I don’t know if I’ll ever root against Enzo & Cass. I’ll be in the live crowd in Chicago tonight sporting their “How You Doin'” shirt.

Enzo Amore and Colin Cassady vs. The Vaudevillains (Aiden English andSimon Gotch) Tag team match to determine the #1 contender for the WWE Tag Team Championship[22]

Predicting: Charlotte, however, I think Ric Flair is getting put into a Sharpshooter, ideally by Bret Hart.

Rooting For: Natalya

Why: Have you seen Total Divas? Natalya is nuts. In a good way. It’s great.

Charlotte (c) (with Ric Flair) vs. Natalya (with Bret Hart) Singles match for the WWE Women’s Championship[23]

Predicting: Roman Reigns. If WWE wants to make it interesting, we could have the Bullet Club formed tonight with either AJ or Finn Balor at the helm.

Rooting For: AJ Styles. So hard.

Why: I’ve been an AJ Styles fan for 12 years! He deserves it. AJ Styles is the best in-ring performer since Shawn Michaels.

Roman Reigns (c) vs. AJ Styles Singles match for the WWE World Heavyweight Championship[24]
  • (c) – refers to the champion(s) heading into the match
  • P – indicates the match will take place on the pre-show

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