12 Days of Wrestling Fan Christmas: Day 2: Continued Commitment to the Cruiserweights

One of the most exciting developments of professional wrestling in Two Thousand Sixteen has been The Revival of the Cruiserweight Division. The cruiserweight style, also known as X-Division style, has been very popular in successful in World Championship Wrestling in the late 90s-early 2000s, and again in Total Nonstop Action wrestling since 2002. It has not, however, been very popular or successful with Vince McMahon. Vince has been known to be big on size, but as we’ve seen with the rise of Conor McGregor in the UFC, size isn’t everything.


The most exciting fighters often aren’t the largest fighters. The same goes for professional wresters. With Triple H garnering more power and influence in WWE, the cruiserweight division found a new advocate and new life. With that being said, I hope the WWE continues their commitment to the cruiserweights, and these 3 cruiserweights in particular.

  • Feed Me More Rich Swann Merch!!!

Rich Swann has been rapidly rising through my ranks of my favorite wrestlers, and I want to represent that fondness with a merch purch. A merchandise purchase. I think Swann is a very marketable star, even if I think they could’ve come up with a more fitting moniker than “Outlandish” for him. For some reason, WWE has no Swann merch, and the stuff you can find on ProWrestlingTees.com is good, but I feel like it could be a little better.  Here are some suggestions for WWEShop.com & ProWrestlingTees.com.

* A “Can You Handle This” shirt

* An “Outlandish” shirt that has Swann dressed up like Jamie from “Outlander”

* “Bringer of Joy” holiday sweater

Most importantly, though, I just want a steady stream of Rich Swann dancing and flipping and winning on my screens.

  • A sustained Jack Gallagher Push!!!

I have watched so much pro wrestling in my lifetime, that it is hard for me to see anything that I haven’t seen before. Jack Gallagher might look like The Vaudevillains, but he wrestles with a catch-style influence not common in WWE. On the December 12th episode of RAW, he did something I’ve never seen before. He honorably ANNOUNCED his INTENTIONS to interfere in a match! Wrestlers don’t do that. They sprint towards the ring and impulsively attack their enemies. Not Jack Gallagher though, he’s too much of a gentleman for that. It was fresh and new, AND it fits his character!

  • Austin Aries in a Wrestlemania match!!!

The Greatest Man That Ever Lived deserves to perform on the greatest stage in professional wrestling. When Austin Aries was in his prime, he was a blend of Daniel Bryan’s in-ring ability and CM Punk’s edge & mic skills. He’s a guy who can “go” with the heavyweights, and has proven that against big men like Bubba Ray & Samoa Joe, but WWE doesn’t seem to view him that way.








If he’s not going to be allowed to face off against the heavyweights, I believe he can still keep up with the best of the cruiserweight division. I’d like to see him square off for the Cruiserweight Championship (and not in a 6-way ladder match, but a 1-on-1 contest) against Rich Swann.


Win or lose, it would offer some recognition and vindication to the oft-undervalued Austin Aries.


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