WWE Power Rankings (PWI, CBS Sports, & Me)

PWI (For Period Ended July 13, 2017)


10. Big Cass

09. Seth Rollins

08. Neville

07. Finn Balor

06. Bray Wyatt

05. Roman Reigns

04. Samoa Joe

03. The Miz

02. Braun Strowman

01. Brock Lesnar



10. Luke Harper

09. Tye Dillinger

08. Sami Zayn

07. Dolph Ziggler

06. Randy Orton

05. Baron Corbin

04. Shinsuke Nakamura

03. Kevin Owens

02. AJ Styles

01. Jinder Mahal

Jinder Mahal Khallas Randy Orton.gif


10. Velveteen Dream

09. Killian Dain

08. Kassius  Ohno

07. Hideo Itami

06. Lars Sullivan

05. Roderick Strong

04. No Way Jose

03. Drew McIntyre

02. Aleister Black

01. Bobby Roode



07. The Authors of Pain

06. The New Day

05. The Revival

04. The Hardy Boyz

03. The Club

02. The Usos

01. Cesaro & Sheamus aka The Bar



07. Ember Moon

06. Bayley

05. Charlotte Flair

04. Sasha Banks

03. Naomi

02. Alexa Bliss

01. Asuka


CBS Sports Brian Campbell (For period ended July 12, 2017)

10. Sheamus + Cesaro

09. Seth Rollins

08. John Cena

07. Bray Wyatt

06. Brock Lesnar

05. The Miz

04. Braun Strowman

03. AJ Styles

02. Roman Reigns

01. Samoa Joe


Me – Joe McCaffrey (July 13, 2017)


10. Dean Ambrose

09. Seth Rollins

08. Bray Wyatt

07. Brock Lesnar

06. Neville

05. Roman Reigns

04. Braun Strowman

03. The Miz 

02. Finn Balor

01. Samoa Joe


Who needs a push? Finn Balor & Cedric Alexander. Finn getting left off of a RAW-only PPV felt weird. If i bought a ticket to that event I would’ve been disappointed about that.

Who needs a change? Seth Rollins needs a good story, Dean Ambrose needs a fresh story. It looks like that might be coming for both of them. Finn needs a good feud. What about a heel SHIELD protecting the WWE title and keeping Balor away, causing him to recruit some allies and form some sort of Club going into Survivor Series season through to Rumble & Mania season? Might be too drawn out in today’s world. Kalisto’s offense tells a better story with big men, but for now, let’s see him have some cruiser matches.


10. Rusev

09. Randy Orton

08. Dolph Ziggler

07. Jinder Mahal

06. Baron Corbin

05. Shinsuke Nakamura

04. John Cena

03. Kevin Owens

02. Sami Zayn

01. AJ Styles


Who needs a push? Luke Harper, Tye Dillinger.

Who needs a change? Luke Harper and Tye Dillinger. Luke Harper needs to be allowed to talk, because he can. Tye Dillinger needs to not be getting squashed unless it’s part of some underdog storyline.


10. Andrade Almas

09. Velveteen Dream

08. Hideo Itami

07. Eric Young

06. Killian Dain

05. Kassius Ohno

04. Aleister Black

03. Roderick Strong

02. Drew McIntyre

01. Bobby Roode


Who needs a push? Kassius Ohno. He needs to get some big wins to pick up some steam. If Anrade Almas is going to be taken seriously as a contender, he’ll also need some convincing wins. I don’t watch CMLL and I very rarely watched NJPW when he was in it, so at the moment I’m wondering what the hype was about. This character direction of portraying him as a Hispanic Johnny Manziel is giving him depth, but now he needs some credibility.

Who needs a change? Hideo Itami. It seems like they are trying by teasing a heel turn with him, but as someone who came in with so much hype and industry respect, it’s sad to see how the past 3 years have played out.


10. Heavy Machinery

09. The Revival (Will be #1 at some point but zero matches in July)

08. The Hype Bros

07. The Authors of Pain

06. The Club

05. New Day

04. The Usos

03. The Fashion Police aka Breezango

02. Sheamus & Cesaro aka The Bar

01. The Hardy Boyz


Who needs a push? American Alpha and The Hype Bros. With Zack Ryder freshly back from injury, now is a great time to give them a hot run before they risk falling back into the pack. Their push should result in a title shot on PPV, which will either lead to championship gold (okay silver0, or the Bros splitting up and pursuing the US and World titles.

Who needs a change? American Alpha. They need to have their personalities shown and their origin story told. The Club need some fresh direction, motivation, and purpose.


10. Natalya

09. Carmella

08. Nia Jax

07. Bayley

06. Alexa Bliss

05. Charlotte

04. Becky Lynch

03. Sasha Banks

02. Naomi

01. Asuka


Who needs a push? Becky and Bayley. Becky to me is the best overall women’s wrestler when you can consider character, promos, and in-ring ability. She has been moved back in the pecking order first behind Naomi and then now behind Charlotte. She needs to get that belt back on a major show in a major moment before the year is over (or to win the women’s Royal Rumble and win at WrestleMania).

Who needs a change? Bayley and Asuka. Bayley needs to be refreshed as to who her character is, what she believes in, and who she represents. It’s time for Asuka to drop the belt to Ember Moon (maybe in a 3-or-4-way if they want to keep her streak alive) and make her way to RAW or SD Live.


35. Cedric Alexander

34. Mustafa Ali

33. Seth Rollins

32. Dean Ambrose

31. Kevin Owens

30. The Miz

29. Zack Ryder

28. Sasha Banks

27. Charlotte

26. Killian Dain

25. Bobby Roode

24. Neville

23. John Cena

21 & 22. The Fashion Police

20. Braun Strowman

19. Bayley

18. Ember Moon

16 & 17. Cesaro & Sheamus aka The Bar

15. Kassius Ohno

14. Roderick Strong

13. Samoa Joe

12. Aleister Black

11. Jack Gallagher

10. Naomi

09. Rich Swann

08. Drew McIntyre

07. Becky Lynch

06. Shinsuke Nakamura

04 & 05. The Hardy Boyz

03. Sami Zayn


02. AJ Styles


01. Finn Balor



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